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Read what investors say about Letter Perfect Homes!


"Working for a home building company, I see what a great opportunity this is to buy real estate. But my job does not allow me the time to find a deal, rehab it, or manage tenants. So intead, I pulled money out of a bank CD that was earning 1.9% and invested with Letter Perfect Homres to earn 7%. This way, I get to capitalize on a great real estate investment but leave the hard work to the folks at Letter Perfect."

~Phil J.

"I've been investing in Letter Perfect Homes for about a year and a half. I used my home equity line of credit, which I'm paying at 2.9%, and loaned the money to Letter Perfect, which pays me 7%. I keep the difference. The payments are sent to me electronically each month and have never been late. In addition, when I needed a portion of my investment back to cover some unexpected expenses, Tom sent me a check before the end of that month. I highly recommend investing with Tom Bucsku and Letter Perfect Homes."

~Mike A.

"I've invested in as many as four different deals at a time with Letter Perfect Homes. As a former real estate investor myself, I am impressed with the great deals they find and the work they do. It's nice to get steady income to supplement my retirement."

~Ed B.

"I've invested in over a dozen different deals with Tom over the past five years. He's never missed a payment or been late, and the loan is always paid in full when the property sells. I'm thrilled with the rate of return I'm getting. I will continue to invest with Letter Perfect Homes for a long time."

~Tony A.

"My retirement accounts were barely paying a return (less than 1.5%) when I took advantage of Letter Perfect Homes' investment opportunities by rolling over my money into a self-directed IRA where it is earning a guaranteed 7% for ten years.  It's so comforting to know my retirement will be funded when I need it!"

~Joan M.

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